Can Online Counselling Help With Addiction?

It has been widely acknowledged by the professional mental health community that addiction, be it substance or an activity like sex or gambling, most often stems from a deeper psychological trauma. In order to guide one through the process of overcoming an addiction, the root cause must first be determined, with the necessary steps towards recovery then put into place.

Needless to say, professional help is crucial to addiction recovery. While in-office therapy sessions have been the traditional norm in such instances, online counselling has become an ever-increasing option for those with a limited budget and/or scheduling availability, as well as anxieties concerning in-person visits. Cost-conscious, convenient, and discreet, with a reputable listing of fully licensed and experienced professionals, online therapy may be the answer to your addiction recovery.

Reasons Why Online Counselling Can Help With Addiction

Choosing the right mode of therapy is not a decision to be taken lightly, and it's always advised to do your research before committing to any one route. Here are some of the most widely recognized ways online counseling may help you overcome your addiction and once again take control of your health and happiness:

1. Accessibility

There are a number of reasons why scheduling in-office appointments can be a source of great distress: being at a geographic disadvantage, choosy insurance providers, hours of operation, and transportation can all be a deterrent for those deserving of professional care. Since its early days, online counselling has been praised for easy and accessible platform, which allows you to select the counselor of your choice and schedule sessions around your lifestyle demands. Whether it's after work hours or during your lunch break, long distance or within your region, there will always be an online professional able to assist you at your convenience–and not, thank goodness, the other way around. And thanks to the online platform, you can conduct your sessions via the electronic device of your choice, from the comfort and privacy of your chosen space. (But more on the latter part below!)

2. Privacy

Addiction often carries an uncomfortable and frankly undeserved stigma, and many hesitate to seek outside help for fear of judgement or scrutiny, particularly if they reside in a small town or are well known in their community. Because many who grapple with addiction often suffer from extreme anxiety, venturing out for professional services can be a considerably traumatic experience. For that reason, online counselling is often the best choice for those in addiction recovery. All sessions are conducted online via computer, tablet, or even smartphone, which means you have more control over your surroundings and thus, comfort. Being able to speak with your counselor and follow through your recovery plan from your own home or office will allow you to fully embrace the benefits of professional care, with none of the discomfort of a brick-and-mortar visit.

3. Confidentiality

While addiction support groups can provide an enormously beneficial service, with anonymity assured, you may be nonetheless uncomfortable in a group setting. The same can apply to venturing out to an on-site location, where fear of being recognized can prevent one from seeking crucial assistance. Online counselling is 100% confidential, with all sessions conducted between you and your counselor alone, with absolutely no third parties or shared information. You can rest assured that your identity will remain anonymous to all but your chosen counselor, who will take special care to further ensure your peace of mind.

4. Your Situation is Unique, And So is Your Solution

While addiction in general often stems from a deeper source of trauma or psychological strain, every situation is highly unique, and requires a counselor who is a trained and experienced in that particular area. For example, while gambling and substance addiction may look the same on paper, they require vastly different approaches and specialized recovery plans. Online counseling will provide you with an extensive list of recovery professionals who can target your specific case in a skilled and sympathetic manner, without any of the one-size-fits-all tactics so often reported.

5. You Have A Choice

As mentioned above, online counselling gives you a choice when it comes to choosing your counselor, and that can go a long way. While many insurance providers only support an exclusive roster or chosen professionals, listed online counselors are available to all, regardless of location, scheduling demands, or budgetary limitations. If you find that the online counselor of your choice just isn't a good fit, you can switch up at any time. The power to heal also lies in the power to choose the method and individuals who honor and understand your situation, and a considerable part of online counsellings increasing popularity is owed to this.


Addiction recovery is not something that can be overcome overnight; for many it's a lifelong pursuit that requires special care, self discipline, and support. When choosing the counseling option that's right for you, always remember just that: it's your choice. If something–or someone–doesn't feel conducive to your healing, you are absolutely within your right to move on.

One of the most widely reported benefits of online counselling is the control you have in selecting the professional and recovery regimen that works for you, as well as the discretion and convenience provided by the platform. If a brick-and-mortar establishment just doesn't feel right for you, why not look into online counselling to help you overcome your addiction and get back to the life you deserve?

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