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List Of Available Online Therapists In PA (Oct 2020)

Name Gender Credentials Experience Language
Joseph Sherry Male LCSW 19 years English
Jenny McClarren Female LPC, NCC 4 years English
Morgan Rakay Female MA, LPC, BC-DMT 7 years English
Rachel Whitley Female LCSW 13 years English
Michael Sucro Male LCSW 30 years English
William Dougherty Male LPC, CAADC, CCS 16 years English
Alan Schweizer Male M.Ed, LMFT 23 years English
Alexandra Johnson Female ATR-BC, LPC 6 years English
Amy Titzer Female M.S., LPC 20 years English
Patrick Currie Male MEd, LPC 20 years English

Joseph Sherry (LCSW) - 19 Years Experience

Joseph Sherry - Online Therapist with 19 years of experienceWelcome, and thank you for choosing me to assist you. I am Joseph (Joe) Sherry, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in both Pennsylvania and New York who has worked in the mental health field since January 2000. I am an active, energetic person, social person who enjoys spending time with my three children. I have worked with families, individuals and older adults. Specializing in the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy and solution focused techniques to address depression, anxiety/stress and the impacts of Traumatic experiences...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Trauma and abuse, Grief, Depression, Addictions, LGBT, Relationship issues, Family conflicts, Parenting issues, Anger management, Self esteem, Career difficulties, Bipolar disorder.

Jenny McClarren (LPC, NCC) - 4 Years Experience

Jenny McClarren - Online Therapist with 4 years of experienceAre you feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or unsatisfied? Perhaps you are ready to make changes in your life, seeking a new direction, or are ready to embark on a new journey. Whether you are grieving a loss, experiencing the effects of traumatic events, or have been exposed to conflicts in your relationships, I want to hear your story. I welcome you to bring your grief, infidelity, and questions or concerns surrounding sex and relationships into our space. Together we can build a collaborative relationship that will inspire you to take control of your story and empower you to narrate your future...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, LGBT, Relationship issues, Intimacy-related issues, Family conflicts, Trauma and abuse, Grief, Parenting issues, Self esteem, Bipolar disorder, Depression, Coping with life changes.

Morgan Rakay (MA, LPC, BC-DMT) - 7 Years Experience

Morgan Rakay - Online Therapist with 7 years of experienceI am both a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist and Counselor. I have over 8 years of experience working with children, families, and adults in both non-profit and private practice settings. In my work, I have helped to address a wide range of concerns, including depression and anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia and psychosis, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum. I specialize in working with individuals who experience chronic pain, chronic fatigue, significant medical diagnoses, and new mothers: -My primary focus in counseling is with individuals who are also medically involved or who have experienced medical/physical trauma...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Grief, Self esteem, Depression, Coping with life changes, Addictions, LGBT, Relationship issues, Family conflicts, Trauma and abuse, Sleeping disorders, Parenting issues, Career difficulties, Bipolar disorder, Compassion fatigue, ADHD.

Rachel Whitley (LCSW) - 13 Years Experience

Rachel Whitley - Online Therapist with 13 years of experienceSo you have decided to give counseling a try, well you have made a wise decision. Whether you are stuck in your life, feeling overwhelmed or just want some guidance, I am sure that we can work together to change your life. I will use my extensive work experience, education and evidence-based techniques to assist you in your goals. I have worked over 13 years providing counseling to various populations, in various settings with varying problems. I have experience with people that have depression, anxiety, and other varying mental health disorders...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Family conflicts, Trauma and abuse, Bipolar disorder, Depression, LGBT, Relationship issues, Grief, Parenting issues, Anger management, Self esteem, Coping with life changes.

Michael Sucro (LCSW) - 30 Years Experience

Michael Sucro - Online Therapist with 30 years of experienceI am a licensed clinical social worker with 30 yrs experience in numerous settings. My focus is to aid you in recovering from difficult life circumstances and to help you find meaning, purpose and direction in your life. I provide Individual therapy, couples/family therapy. I specialize in depression, anxiety (PTSD, generalized anxiety, panic disorder) OCD and pure 'O' (BDD, intrusive thoughts, sex, harm, relationship, religious, contamination, ritual and hoarding OCD, depersonalization/derealization), addictions (alcohol/drugs, sex, porn, video games, gambling, spending, etc), geriatric issues, trauma, military issues, men's issues, autoimmune disorders (CFS, Fibromyalgia, Lyme, etc), chronic pain...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Addictions, Relationship issues, Family conflicts, Depression, Trauma and abuse, Intimacy-related issues, Parenting issues, Anger management, Self esteem, Bipolar disorder.

William Dougherty (LPC, CAADC, CCS) - 16 Years Experience

William Dougherty - Online Therapist with 16 years of experienceI have always seemed to be in a helping position. Before graduating high school I started work at a large veterinarian hospital/boarding kennel in Blue Bell, PA as an animal health technician and then the hospital administrator, where I stayed for over 15 years. I decided to return to school to pursue a degree in psychology and have been in the mental health field since 1998, working for such organizations as Special Equestrians as a side aid volunteer assisting people with physical and/or mental health disabilities and Lenape Valley Foundation as both a house advisor and a Partial Hospital Program group therapist for people with severe and persistent mental illness...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Addictions, Relationship issues, Anger management, Family conflicts, Trauma and abuse, Grief, Intimacy-related issues, Parenting issues, Self esteem, Career difficulties, Depression.

Alan Schweizer (M.Ed, LMFT) - 23 Years Experience

Alan Schweizer - Online Therapist with 23 years of experienceI believe that happiness is not something that we seek or achieve, but something that we allow. We all experience stress and emotional pain that affects us, the way we think about ourselves, and the way we see the world around us. There are alot of things that stop us from allowing our happiness. Life is difficult, there is no instruction manual, and you don’t have to figure it out alone. None of us would know what we look like without a mirror, and a good therapist is that mirror. I am a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 20 years experience working to help people to unlock the keys to eliminating barriers to happiness and success...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Addictions, LGBT, Relationship issues, Trauma and abuse, Family conflicts, Grief, Intimacy-related issues, Eating disorders, Sleeping disorders, Parenting issues, Anger management, Self esteem, Career difficulties, Bipolar disorder, Depression, Coping with life changes, Coaching, Compassion fatigue, ADHD.

Alexandra Johnson (ATR-BC, LPC) - 6 Years Experience

Alexandra Johnson - Online Therapist with 6 years of experienceLife can be hard! Everyone experiences tough times and emotions and finding someone to talk to about your concerns and struggles can make these difficult times easier to manage. Together we can work towards reaching your personal goals. I am a Board Certified Art Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor. I have experience working with clients of all ages with a variety of concerns including depression, anxiety, trauma and abuse, bipolar disorder, anger issues, and relationship struggles. My counseling style is relaxed and accepting yet solution-focused...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Anger management, Self esteem, Depression, LGBT, Relationship issues, Family conflicts, Trauma and abuse, Grief, Bipolar disorder, Coping with life changes.

Amy Titzer (M.S., LPC) - 20 Years Experience

Amy Titzer - Online Therapist with 20 years of experienceI have a passion for counseling which began over 25 years ago. I have lots of experience with just about any age, diagnosis, and issue that are problems for people. A recent client said to me that I "was her lighthouse" in the foggiest time in her life. Another client recently told me that I helped him "spread his wings" and see how strong and wide they really are. Another client described my style as "intuitively accurate" and that her work with me was "life changing." I have a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from Temple University, and a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Trauma and abuse, Self esteem, Depression, Addictions, LGBT, Relationship issues, Family conflicts, Grief, Intimacy-related issues, Parenting issues, Anger management, Career difficulties, Bipolar disorder.

Patrick Currie (MEd, LPC) - 20 Years Experience

Patrick Currie - Online Therapist with 20 years of experienceHi, I'm Patrick, a Licensed Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania with over 20 years of experience helping people in various settings. I received my Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Widener University with a focus on behavioral medicine and health psychology, learning the amazing ways in which we can improve or regain health and wellness using the power of the mind. Then, while working on an inpatient adolescent psychiatric unit, I witnessed the damaging effects of trauma, abuse and neglect and so I returned to school at Temple University and earned a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology to be better equipped to help others deal with life's many challenges...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Addictions, Career difficulties, Depression, LGBT, Relationship issues, Trauma and abuse, Grief, Eating disorders, Parenting issues, Anger management, Self esteem, Bipolar disorder.

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