Therapist Richard Chandler, MA, LPC (LPC) - 8 Years Experience

I Seek to Understand You & Your Relationship. You can expect me to be curious and interested in each of you as unique individuals, as well as what it has been like for the two of you as a couple. At one point, you liked and loved each other enough to become a couple, perhaps get married, or even have children together. Did something change for one, or both of you, or are there underlying issues all along that became more problematic over time? My individual clients, both men & women, have been able to improve their relationships, gain clarity on staying or leaving romantic partnerships, and improve careers. Please call me for a no-cost consultation to see if working together makes sense. Best, Richard Chandler, MA, LPC

Experience & Qualifications

Experience: 8 years

Language(s): English

License Number: 1971

Credential(s): LPC

Specialties: Couples Counseling, Individual Relationship Counseling, Anger Management, Career Counseling

Contact Information

Business Name: MN Counseling Therapy

Location: 2040 Douglas Dr N, STE 100, Golden Valley, Minnesota, 55422

Telephone: (320) 223-9481 (Click to call)

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